Android 2B - Hyper Realistic Artwork! - Shikarii

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2B from Nier Automata!

This incredibly sexy 2B comes in 2 flavors, with or without clothes ;)

Hyper realistic and highly detailed art from the incredible Shikarii. What a legend.

Available in different sizes, and either a Matte or Glossy finish.

All decals are printed in crystal clear quality in weatherproof and UV resistant ink. Decals are then laminated with a further weather/UV resistant overlaminate for durability in the elements! But of course they will hold up way longer indoors!

Perfect for car windows, bumpers, laptops, PC chassis, bookshelves, consoles, drywall, or wherever.

Apply to dry, clean, flat surfaces. For even longer lasting outdoor durability, try an edge sealer as well!


Please allow 1-3 Weeks for processing and shipping.